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Langdon Wind Farm 1

Langdon Wind Turbine

The energy produced at the Langdon Wind Energy Center
and Ashtabula Wind Farm allows Northern Municipal Power
Agency to meet renewable energy mandates and objectives
in Minnesota and North Dakota. The Minnesota Renewable Energy
Standard requires a 25 percent renewable power supply component
by 2025, and the North Dakota Renewable Energy Objective sets
a renewable goal of 10 percent by 2015.



Lanngdon Windfarm 2

Langdon Windfarm

Location Nine miles south of Langdon, N.D.
Size 199.5 megawatts (MW)
Turbines 133 turbines, 1.5 MW each,
Towers Approximately 260 feet to center of hub
Blades Variable pitch – 120 feet long
Output Cut-in wind speed: 8 mph
Maximum output: 35-55 mph, Cut-out wind speed: 56 mph
Delivery point Langdon substation
Transmission Langdon to Hensel 115-kilovolt (kV) line, 35 miles in length
Start-up date December 2007, Dedicated May 14, 2008

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Wind subscriptions available

For centuries, the power of the wind has been used to grind grain,
fill the sails of ships and lift water from wells. Today, modern wind
turbines use the wind’s energy to generate renewable electricity.


Customers of Northern Municipal Power Agency’s participant cities
have the opportunity to voluntarily purchase 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh)
blocks of wind-generated electricity through the Infinity Wind Energy program.


Presently, two commercial-scale wind turbines are producing
renewable energy for customers enrolled in the program. One turbine
is located east of Valley City, N.D., along I-94 and the other is east
of Petersburg, N.D., along Hwy. 2. Both turbines have been generating
more electricity than originally expected.


Customers who wish to purchase wind energy at an additional cost
of 30 cents per month for each 100 kWh block should contact your
local utility office. Join your friends and neighbors to harvest the
power of the wind.

wind turbine

Infinity Wind Turbine



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