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NMPA Conservation Programs Launched

Many of the Northern Municipal Power Agency utilities joined forces with neighboring
cooperatives in forming a Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) in 2009

As part of the Next Generation Energy Act of 2007, the Minnesota Legisalture has
overhauled the state's CIP and transitions utilities from a spending requirement program
into an energy savings program.

The program, which was partially launched in 2009, establishes an energy savings goal of 1.5
percent of annual retail energy sales. The energy savings are based on the average of the prior
three-year weather-normalized retail sales.

Instead of each NMPA utility attempting to meet this goal individually, NMPA staff and
board members decided that it would be beneficial to work together with Minnkota
cooperatives. The group has collaborated ideas and resources under the PowerSavers name.

Realizing that meeting the state mandate posed a significant challenge, Minnkota/NMPA also hired
Franklin Energy Services, Port Washington, WI., to help during the initial stages of the program.
Frnaklin has more than 15 years of experience in design, implementation and administration of
energy and demand reduction programs.

The program portfolio consists of five residential programs and three business programs.
Click on the following link for information on the programs and forms.



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